Time and Space Loop

An installation piece where the viewer participates by viewing themselves in the camera viewfinder with the faces of the past viewers of the piece as they look into the camera. As they leave the view of the camera and watch the TV they can see themselves as of two minutes and 38 seconds in the past. They can also see further into the past and see a number of viewers / performers in the piece. As they watch their performance will recede smaller and smaller into the background as newer performers appear in the foreground.

Almost complete as I still need to find a way to splice VHS tape together so I can make a loop of tape. The tape will only last two hours before I have to rewind. It is difficult with two VCRs to synchronize.

2 VCRs, TV, 2 hours of VHS tape, 2 VHS tape cases (Left Behind and Independence Day), VHS Video Camera