Gravel Walk

The inspiration for the piece is Jane Austen in her hometown of Bath, England. These gates guard some of the gardens of the people who inspired her characters.

Now I have created a new piece called Gravel Walk. I have added words to each door.

Here is a video documentation of the piece showing the Zune mounted on a circuit board in a frame. It is a discarded LCD photo frame.

The words come from this passage in Persuasion as Anne Elliot walks down the gravel path in Bath, England with Captain Frederick Wentworth in mutual love after many missed opportunities:

There could not be an objection. There could be only a most proper alacrity, a most obliging compliance for public view; and smiles reined in and spirits dancing in private rapture. In half a minute Charles was at the bottom of Union Street again, and the other two proceeding together: and soon words enough had passed between them to decide their direction towards the comparatively quiet and retired gravel walk, where the power of conversation would make the present hour a blessing indeed, and prepare for it all the immortality which the happiest recollections of their own future lives could bestow. There they exchanged again those feelings and those promises which had once before seemed to secure everything, but which had been followed by so many, many years of division and estrangement. There they returned again into the past, more exquisitely happy, perhaps, in their reunion, than when it had been first projected; more tender, more tried, more fixed in a knowledge of each other’s character, truth, and attachment; more equal to act, more justified in acting. And there, as they slowly paced the gradual ascent, heedless of every group around them, seeing neither sauntering politicians, bustling house-keepers, flirting girls, nor nurserymaids and children, they could indulge in those retrospections and acknowledgments, and especially in those explanations of what had directly preceded the present moment, which were so poignant and so ceaseless in interest. All the little variations of the last week were gone through; and of yesterday and to-day there could scarcely be an end.

I end with the word Equal to emphasize how Jane Austen has helped show in Anne Elliot that women are to be equal to men.

Thanks to Pia Frauss for the free Jane Austin font.